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Friday, March 11, 2016

Presentation is Key

      I have been a visual artist for many years. Doing displays for various shops and Christmas trees for homes and businesses. So this wasn't new to me. But this was different and more interesting. Because I've had a little shop of my own and setting up the displays and decorating the store was the best part for me.
 In a traveling store (Pop Up) you can change your look each time. I used to gather up all that I have and go from there when we would arrive for set up. Boy was that a task. the first hour is figuring out what goes where and dose it make sense?

 Every show I did, I would take a lot of pictures to post of course but mainly to see what I could do to improve my presentation.

                In many of the shows we have to choose to sell at are outside and you have to
                                     take into account of the land you're going to be on top of.

                                    Are you going to need spot lights? I sure did in this show

 Is there plenty of space for everyone to walk through with out blocking or knocking things over?

Is my business name in clear site? Dose my booth really tell my story?
When I set up my booth, I do it a week before each show in my back yard. The whole booth down to the last dish. I create the themes, build the vignettes and I have the look for that show. I take plenty of pictures to remember where I put everything and set up is a breeze.

The main thing to remember when you're building your booth. Build it based on what turns your head when you're out shopping. What was it about that store or booth that made you stop and go in? It's not only about that one piece, it's about the presentation. Study how they did that, take notes. You can take pictures, BUT Always ask first. We know you're taking pictures and most of us don't mind. It s common courtesy to ask, when you sneak in a picture, we know and it really is a bad reflection on you.

When you love what you do, it shows. In my following posts I will be going through a list of things to help you with your presentation. There's quite a few newbies in the business of Traveling Stores out there. I believe we are all trying to make it in this economy and this looks like a good and fun way to make a living. It is, but if you pay attention and always see room for improvement. You will have a chance of making it work for you

by Angela Resendiz                                            
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